The rainbow within


作者:by Heather Prince


出版社:Andrews UK Limited


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A rabbit whose name is Bumbly, seeks self enlightenment by searching for the colours of the rainbow (which relate to the energy chakras - The body has spinning energy centres that look like spinning wheels and are called Chakras (pronounced sha-kra) - the Sanskist word for 'wheel'. Holding your attention on a particular colour brings that vibration into your energy field and has an effect on your consciousness, which can experience as a change in mood There are three things that every living being strives for in their life: Love, Peace and Happiness. The story simply demonstrates that the only way we can experience lasting happiness and peace is by going deep inside to the core of our being - which is in fact - peace. Bumbly's 'enlightenment' is her realisation that all we seek come from within

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