Football Crazy


作者:by Sheila M. Blackburn


出版社:Brilliant Publications

出版地:[Bedfordshire, UK]

格式:EPUB 流式




Sam's Football Stories are specially written to stimulate and motivate your slower learners and reluctant readers. Written by Sheila Blackburn, an experienced primary school teacher, the books will appeal particularly to reluctant boy readers. The six compelling stories in Set A, tell the story of Sam, a football crazy boy.
Sam is totally crazy about football. In Football Crazy, he is desperate to belong to a proper football team. He asks everyone he meets if they can help – all the teachers at his school, the headteacher, even Mrs Ford who runs the corner shop …
Will Sam’s dream come true? Will one of the people he asks be able to help?
Let your pupils follow Sam and his friends on their journey. Join in the fun and excitement as they begin training, pick a team, join a league and enter a tournament.

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